Legal Services

Based on his experience and training, Russell Bikoff offers a wide-ranging and varied set of legal services. The following list gives areas in which Mr. Bikoff is prepared to take on your case. If your legal problem falls into a different area, he will be able to handle it after engaging in legal study and, if necessary, consultation and partnership with other lawyers, at no extra cost to the client.

Legal Services

Areas of Practice

Domestic Litigation

※ Adverse employment actions in federal workforce and private sector
※ State Department and Foreign Service employee issues, including security clearances
※ Human trafficking cases
※ White Collar criminal defense
※ Qui tam recovery actions
※ Whistleblower protection

Estate Planning and Probate

※ Wills, trusts, financial powers of attorney, and advance medical directives for residents of D.C. and Virginia

Homeland Security

※ Immigration, Asylum, Notices to Appear, Removal orders
※ Family and Employment Immigration
※ Deportation and Denaturalization
※ Visas: watch lists and other bases for denial

Civil and Criminal Litigation

※ Foreign evidence
※ Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance
※ Prison transfers
※ Victims’ rights lawsuits

Business Compliance and Advice

※ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
※ Foreign Asset Control
※ Export controls and licenses
※ Anti-money laundering
※ Corporate due diligence
※ Uncovering hidden assets
※ Anti-corruption

Consulting Practice

※ Apart from his legal practice, Mr. Bikoff offers advice and consulting on U.S. and international matters to both a domestic and foreign clientele.