U.S. v. D.H., 2013

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This case raised identification and witness credibility issues about my client, Ms. H, a young trans-gender female.

The government charged her with one count of Carrying a Rifle or Shotgun outside of the home or place of business, a felony; and one count each of Possession of a Prohibited Weapon (PPW) and Possession of an Unregistered Firearm, both misdemeanors. The felony count carried a maximum of five years imprisonment, and each misdemeanor count carried up to a one year jail sentence.

The case involved allegations that she placed a broken sawed-off shotgun on the lawn in front of a maintenance office of a housing complex in Southeast Washington, D.C. The sole fact witness for the government was a maintenance worker who testified he had seen someone place the shotgun there.

I argued that the person he had seen was not Ms. H and the jury found her not guilty.